Adopt a bill

What I spend on my 6 horses:

How do you become a millionaire by owning horses? You start by being a multimillionaire! Old horse joke that never ages.

Every six weeks my horses have a ferrier day. All six horses are given a “pedicure” and checked for hoof health

This bill usually costs $275-300

annual vet/dental/chiro check ups $2k

hauling costs $40 each way for camp

campsite fees for Horse camp! $40 per weekend visit

treats and regular feed $70 quarterly

hay field harvest costs $350 annually

fence repairs/maintenance $50 quarterly

Being an online Dominatrix has it’s costs as well

Internet $60 monthly

Mobile $200 monthly

dungeon equipment

clip idea items

filming equipment

Then there are the more vanilla bills

Car insurance $90

petrol $20 per tank

car Registration $120

car maintenance $35

car repairs recently $800 rear brakes need replacing after bearing seized