Rules of conduct

  1. Communication is key. Instead of acting out or misbehaving for attention, try oh I dunno, telling Me you are a needy little bitch and want attention. Honesty and communication are important because without them I start to assume you are not obedient, and are too high maintenance. Talk to Me when you are NOT horny for the first few weeks. This way you can communicate while you are focused on what you need from Me. Keep in mind this is a give & take dynamic. 
  2. When I am not available, I am not available. If you start sending ??? messages to me, I’ll probably just block you. Instead of being a nuisance, try visiting My clip store. I have a few items available to keep you occupied while I am away. Also scheduling time to call Me is a great way to spend time with My attention focused on you. I also have free typing tasks available.
  3. My time and attention are not free. Get used to that. When you think of Me, $end. When you worship Me financially, you pump up My libido. When I get horny, you start getting your fetishes fulfilled because I get off on your submission, your servitude. 
  4. Farm Domination is My main fantasy. Most of the people contacting Me online are the proverbial “stranger on the internet”. This is why I don’t invite every single sub to come slave away on the farm. The consideration period for this activity is LONG. Unless you are a well known, verified service sub in MY community, you will have to work your ass off to prove to Me you are worthy.
  5. Speaking of the farm, it is a family farm. This means I live on My farm with My family. All the more reason not to invite strangers to come to My home. Some potential clients/subs/etc may be put off by the thought of Me having a family. If this is the case for you, just block me and move on. I will not apologize for being a family focused farmer. Honestly, if the world had more family farms a lot of hunger and medical issues wouldn’t be as bad as they are.
  6. I am an “All Natural” woman. This means I only ever trim My body hair. I do not shave due to the irritation and rash it creates. I would sugar or wax if I were to make the time to get to the spa but, as I have mentioned before, I am a farmer. Self care is usually last on My list because of the responsibilities and obligations I have to the farm. Supporting my self care is just one way to serve me.
  7. The best way to serve Me is through tributes. Sending gift cards for gasoline, food, spa, clothes, etc. Help Me carry out My regular day to day activities as well as keeping yourself fresh in My mind. 
  8. The amount of the tribute is what a lot of potential subs get hung up on. I want you to think of an amount that accurately reflects the situation. For example: you think of Me while eating lunch, so you send $15 with a note that says something like, “Lunch is on me”. Sacrifice, real sacrifice is the hottest thing to Me. When you are paid up on all bills and all your needs met, needs, not wants, then you send your last 90% of cash to Me, that kind of submission is so SEXY. Like that is real big dick energy.

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