How to approach Me

If you are here to serve Me you have a series of directions to follow. I expect obedience, intelligence and common sense from My subs. While I do expect to be compensated for the effort, time and emotional labor I put into a relationship, money will not convince Me to do anything you want. To approach Me with a large initial tribute will guarantee I take you seriously right off the bat. Those of you who wish to serve but can only afford the occasional $10-30 I highly recommend buying My clips and subscribing to My fan clubs. 

Phase one: sacrifice

If you are capable of building a deep, long lasting relationship and are enthusiastic about the opportunities available as a farm slave continue reading and follow directions carefully. The beginning of every relationship for Me is all about building trust. I am established, I have been verified on several platforms where I sell My content. I have already proven who I am and what I want. So in these early stages it is up to you to build decorum, rapport, and trust with Me. The best way to do this? Cash. Sending direct tributes through sites/apps that allow Me to take your money and put it directly into My bank account is hot. Doing so allows Me the freedom to spoil Myself, and further My femdom and farming passions. The more money you send the more time and attention I give to you. Keep in mind without money, you are really quite worthless and no matter how amazing the relationship COULD have been, if you don’t get My attention and show Me how valuable you are in the beginning I will not waste My time on you.

Follow this link to submit your application:

Phase two: Introductions

At this point you have sent your first tribute. I will likely have offered a half hour or so conversation. Once that initial spark loses its hype you will be left wanting more. This is when you complete the application to begin the process of becoming Mine. 

First, follow me on all  social media, to be sure you are up to date on my current and fluctuating habits, behaviors and narrative. Comb through and get a feel of me through my website. Learn more about what I’m passionate about. Do your best to understand what my interests & limits are. Show me you value my effort enough to pay for it, this how to earn time with me. Femdom is the perfect career for me, I’ve been emasculating men my whole life.